FOR operates six laboratories in its 4000+ square foot facility. Our scope of capabilities includes, but is not limited to, implant and instrumentation engineering and prototyping, pre-clinical study design and testing, and clinical protocol development.


An image of a scalpel

Allows testing of device implantation, performance of instrumentation, and efficacy of surgical procedures.

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An image of design tools

The starting point for device concept to development to prototyping.

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An image of a laboratory flask

Equipped for basic laboratory sampling and processing work.

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Image Analysis

An image of a laboratory microscope

Used for imaging purposes and closer examination of histology slides, implant surfaces, or other 3D objects.

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Mechanical Testing

An image of a wrench

Performs testing to fulfill ASTM standard testing and other non-standard static and dynamic compression, torsion, and shear testing.

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Wear Testing

An image of a mechical gears

Allows for quantitative characterization of wear properties during in vivo simulations.

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