The General Laboratory is equipped to do basic laboratory sampling and processing work.

Along with the standard Craftsman drill press and bandsaw, this laboratory also has Mark V Laboratory CS600 sectioning saws that can be fitted with various blades to section hard materials. The Allegra X-22R Centrifuge is fitted with fixed-angle and swinging rotors, and also has refrigeration capabilities (-20°C to +40°C). It can reach a maximum speed of 15,500 rpm and 22,065 x g. Acid and organic fume hoods enable safe handling of chemical reagents.

FOR has a laboratory water purification system that produces reverse-osmosis, de-ionized water. The laboratory is set-up with a Miele dishwasher that uses RO/DI water to produce particle-free glassware. RO/DI water is also used in conjunction with the laser particle counter to prevent noise that can arise from counting ions in water.