The Image Analysis Laboratory is equipped with microscopes used for imaging purposes and for closer examination of histology slides, implant surfaces, or other 3D objects.

Microscopes in this laboratory include the Nikon Eclipse E600POL, a Nikon SMZ-10 stereomicroscope, and a Zeiss stereomicroscope, all of which allow for the attachment of a Nikon DXM1200 Digital Eclipse Camera System. Using ACT-1 Software, digital images of the specimen under examination can be collected, organized, modified, corrected and customized. Image-Pro Plus image analysis software allows for measurements of microscopic features, bone density/porosity calculations, particle counting, and much more.

The SkyScan 1173 high-energy microtomography (micro-CT) enables us to scan relatively large and dense objects and create a 3D model from the scan. It has a 4 ┬Ám nominal resolution, a field of view diameter of 140mm by 140mm in height, spiral scanning capabilities, a 5 Megapixel distortion-free camera and a 130 kV micro-focus source. With models created from the scans, its software can be used to visualize, reorient, and section the scanned object. Additionally, one can analyze features of interest, calculate geometries and volumes, calculate bone parameters, or examine the bone-implant interface.

The JEOL InTouchScope JSM-6010LA multiple-touch-panel scanning electron microscope (SEM) with integrated elemental analysis by energy dispersive x-ray spectroscopy (EDS). The variable pressure system allows for observation of both conductive and non-conductive materials with or without pre-treatment. The touch panel system allows for navigation and location of a region of interest with a touch of the screen.

The latest addition to the FOR Image Analysis lab is the Keyence VHX-6000 3D-microscope. In addition to allowing multifocal plane imaging which is impossible on a traditional stereo microscope, the new microscope allows for high dynamic range, high definition, multi-lighting, 3-dimensional imaging and measurement in real time. A full suite of 2D and 3D image and object analysis software allows for fast data gathering and analysis. Because the Keyence VHX-6000 3D-microscope is essentially a light microscope, non-destructive imaging of large devices can easily be performed, obtaining information that would be difficult or impossible with the SEM.