The Mechanical Testing Laboratory contains both Instron and MTS servo-hydraulic test systems. This lab is fully equipped to perform testing to fulfill ASTM standard testing and other non-standard static and dynamic compression, torsion, and shear testing.

The Instron 8874 has a bi-axial, linear/rotary actuator that can be equipped with either a 1kN/25Nm or 10kN/100Nm Dynacell load cell. The MTS 858 MiniBionix has opposing dual-axial, linear actuators and is equipped with a 5kN load cell. Environmental chambers are also available for tests that need to be completed in fluid, temperature-controlled environments.

There is also a MotionMonitor system in this laboratory, which is a 3D motion capture system designed to synchronously collect data from various input devices and is capable of obtaining precise simultaneous measurements of bones, limbs, and implants during biomechanics studies. It consists of electromagnetic minisensors used to digitize landmarks and track joint centers. It is capable of collecting data in six degrees of freedom with a 1 ┬Ám resolution in displacement and 0.05 degree resolution in rotation. The MotionMonitor system can be linked to the mechanical test systems in order to synchronize load, displacement, and video data.